A recent study found that for every dollar LESS the typical brand spent on TV over the previous year, they LOST 3X that amount in sales. Local broadcast and cable TV offer a large array of channels, allowing you to choose highly-affordable programming watched by your targeted customers making your advertisements more likely to find a receptive audience.


  • Geotargeting – 

    • Zoned Cable TV – Cable TV enables advertisers to buy commercial time for a specific zone of a larger market. If the bulk of your business comes from within a short drive of your store, dealership, restaurant or other place of business, cable advertising can reach that audience without making you pay for areas unlikely to be interested.

    • Local Broadcast – Rather than buying the entire national broadcast of selected programming, local spot ads enable advertisers to effective focus their messages in markets most likely to purchase their products or services with minimal wasted budget.

  • Reach your target customer persona – Cable television offers a large array of channels. There may be something for everyone, but that means viewership for any individual program are likely to be small. Find programs that your prospective customers watch, however, and your advertisements are more likely to find a receptive audience.

  • Lower cost-per-spot enables increased frequency – Old-school frequency estimates may be inadequate to generate a customer response to your ad in our world ever-increasing advertising messages. With local TV’s lower cost-per-spot, the number of times a viewer is exposed to your ad can be increased dramatically, increasing the likelihood that the viewer will respond.

  • Television ads work! – A 2016 study found that for every dollar LESS the typical brand spent on TV over the previous year, they lost three times that amount in sales.

  • Multi-Sensory Appeal – TV has always been able to appeal to multiple senses through its combination of text, images, sound and motion.

  • Reduced fraud impact – Recent studies have shown that $7 billion is wasted every year on digital ads that are purchased but never seen by consumers. Some of this is covered up by bots that simulate traffic, or so-called invisible ads.